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Surya Foundation Naturopathy Think Tank has been regularly discussing at length about the developmental activities of Naturopathy. The brain storming sessions by the Naturopathy experts say that the Naturopathy system must have a strong platform for its holistic development. This resulted in the formation of “International Naturopathy Organisation” (INO) in the year 2003 under the able leadership of Sh. Jaiprakash Agarwal, an ardent follower of Naturopathy and a renowned Industrialist.

INO is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Naturopathy at the grass root level. It focuses on the overall development of this ancient and miraculous science at global level and endeavours to bring this at par with the other medical sciences.

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Our Reach

In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Real Work-Real Change’, International Naturopathy Organisation provides a strong platform for the overall development and promotion of Yoga & Naturopathy at National and International level.







Kaun Banega Swasth Rakshak (KBSR)

INO is a social organization striving towards the round development of naturopathic remedies and promotion of natural medication. INO has penetrated its functionality in collaboration with 24 state factories, both nationally and internationally.

The KBSR contest has been implemented so as to create a state of awareness, mentally, intellectually and spiritually of the many benefits reaped from naturopathy, among students. Through active participation, students would develop a sense of curiosity towards the various solutions naturopathy owns, and the questionnaires would in turn increase their knowledge about this natural medical science. Looking forward to its affirmative consequences, the INO has undertaken a mission to circulate this programme throughout the year. Around 5 lakh students nationally, have already been a part of this awareness programme.

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Membership Fee Structure

Any person, having formal or informal education in Naturopathy, Yoga and other drugless system from any institute is eligible to become the member of INO.

An identity card will be issued to the member and he shall automatically become a subscriber of our quarterly magazine “Nature Cure World (NCW)” free of cost. Special Discount on Naturopathy treatment will be provided to the members in the reputed. Naturopathy Hospitals/Centres.

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Nature Cure World (NCW)

Nature Cure World (NCW) is a quarterly magazine publishes by INO and is distributed to each active INO member at free of cost. It includes regular updates on events, seminars, workshops and other informative material related to Naturecure & Yoga for the same quarter.

NCW has also the information about various diseases and their natural remedies, which will help everyone to protect themselves against it. We can also find health articles and blogs from renowned naturopaths in this magazine, their guidance and life experiences.

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Women Empowerment at INO

In order to recognize the credibility of women in the domain of Yoga and Naturopathy, INO has declared to establish a woman’s forearmed looking forward to women empowerment.

Founder of INO, Shri Jaiprakash addressed to start a Women’s Cell at a Silence Sthali in Jhinjholi (Haryana) during an ongoing management training program of three days, on February 28, 2016. The Ministry of Health in Haryana has given presidentship of the Women’s Cell to Ayush Director, Dr. Sangeeta Nehra.


Dr. Sangeeta Nehra would indulge her expertise in the further propagation of yoga and naturopathy, along the lines of INO, where she would devote a majority of her time in the upliftment of Naturopathy and other noble causes. To completely do justice to her aforesaid duty, she has currently taken a break for three years from her position as an Ayush-Director. Bor

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