Kaun Banega Swasth Rakshak (KBSR)

INO is a social organization striving towards the round development of naturopathic remedies and promotion of natural medication. INO has penetrated its functionality in collaboration with 24 state factories, both nationally and internationally.

The KBSR contest has been implemented so as to create a state of awareness, mentally, intellectually and spiritually of the many benefits reaped from naturopathy, among students. Through active participation, students would develop a sense of curiosity towards the various solutions naturopathy owns, and the questionnaires would in turn increase their knowledge about this natural medical science. Looking forward to its affirmative consequences, the INO has undertaken a mission to circulate this programme throughout the year. Around 5 lakh students nationally, have already been a part of this awareness programme, and the demand for implementations of more such programmes in schools is only increasing.

Therefore, this contest can be held by any social worker or institutions in the nation. It will not be limited to any one social organization. The prerogative is to make this mission a national initiative, and not a private scheme.

In the year 2019 an online examination tool has been introduced by INO for the ease of schools and students to give KBSR exam online from anywhere and anytime across the country.

To register for online examination, please click on https://kbsrexam.inosurya.com also click on guidelines for online KBSR examination tool to view the instructions.


                Online Exam Registration                                              Guidelines for KBSR


Instructions for Organizers and Students:

·         Books – Students can register themselves by clicking on https://kbsrexam.inosurya.com and download the English and Hindi e-booklet related to naturopathy, that has detailed theories on natural sciences, yoga, development of mental and spiritual growth in children, before conducting the contest. The soft copy of the book is free of cost and can get once the registration is done successfully.

·         Questions – The questions would follow an OBJECTIVE pattern and it will be mandatory to answer all the 50 questions in the given time period of 90 minutes.

·         Certificates – Students who will finish the exam successfully can download their certificate of completion at the same time via KBSR examination tool.

·         Test Fee – The online examination fee for the student is Rs. 10 per registration.

·         Organizers are instructed to promote online KBSR link and get the registration done by the individual or bulk students with the online fees of Rs. 10/- per registration.


Instructions for Schools:

·         Schools can upload the bulk registration of students in the format provided by INO head office.

·         The contest can be held anytime as it will be an online exam and can be given at any place.

·         Students from class 6 to 12 can participate in this contest.

·         The District Education Directorate can aid the procedure, if the school seeks permission from it, before conducting the contest.

·         The Principal or Head of the school should write an application referring to the details of the test. Samples of teaching materials and questionnaires should be enlisted.

·         INO and the several benefits of Yoga Naturopathy should be addressed.

Bulk Registration: To attain the online KBSR contest, schools have to provide the complete detail of students in the bulk registration spreadsheet format along with the evidence of payment @ 10/- per student to the INO head office. Please connect with Mr. Tribhuvan at INO Head Office for more detail on bulk registration process.

For further details contact:


National Convenor KBSR

Dr. K. L. Rangwani

443, Rang Bhawan,

Bairagarh, Bhopal-462030 (Madhya Pradesh)

Phone- 09407254388, 9893170955

Email- [email protected]

National Co-convenor

Dr. Harishankar Gupta

Mirzapur, Varanasi,

Uttar Pradesh

Phone: 9415675981

List of State Coordinators

Andhra Pradesh   :  Dr G. Vijaylaxmi Reddy 

                                          M: 9849218984

                                          Email: [email protected]

Assam                        :   Shri Anil Saraf

                                          M: 9435044423

                                          Email: [email protected]

Bihar                          :   Dr. C M K Sinha

                                          M: 9431050529

                                         Email:  [email protected]

Chandigarh                :  Dr. S.D. Bhartiya

                                         M: 9826151203

                                         Email:  [email protected]

Delhi                           :  Yogacharya Yudhister Paul

                                        M:  9312249182

                                        Email:  yudhister [email protected]

Gujarat                       :  Dr. Jitubhai Panchal

                                        M: 9825009284

                                        Email:  [email protected]

Haryana                     :  Dr. Yashpal Arya

                                        M: 9354806639

                                       Email:  [email protected]

Himachal Pradesh   :  Dr. S.D. Sharma

                                        M:  9418927788

                                        Email:  [email protected]

Jammu & Kashmir   :  Dr. Ashraf Dar

                                                M: 9205092368

                                                Email: [email protected]

Jharkhand                     : Swami Mangaltirtham

                                            M: 9934353800

                                           Email:  [email protected]

Karnataka                       :  Dr. M. Niranjanamurthy

                                             M: 9343583787

                                            Email:  [email protected]

Kerala                              :  Dr. S.K. Madhwan

                                           M: 9387357349

                                          Email:  [email protected]

Madhya Pradesh           :  Dr. Jitender Arya

                                           M: 9301699569

                                          Email: [email protected]

Maharashtra                  :  Dr. Shyamsunder Tewadi

                                         M: 9405845034

                                        Email: [email protected]

Orissa                               :  Dr. Gitapriya Mohanti

                                            M: 9861064570

Punjab                              :  Dr. Vineet Sharma

                                           M: 9417144730

                                           Email: [email protected]

Rajasthan                         :  Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

                                          M: 9414095766

                                          Email: [email protected]

Seemandhra                    :  Shri V. Ramarao Veerapaneni

                                           M: 9885344133

                                           Email:  [email protected]

Tamil Nadu                     :  Dr. Franklin H. Das

                                          M:  8939024101

                                           Email: [email protected]

Uttar Pradesh                  :  Dr. Nandlal Jigyasu

                                            M: 9628621101

                                             Email: [email protected]

Uttarakhand                     :  Dr. Satyapal Garg

                                            M:  9897205080

 West Bengal                     : Dr. Tapan Bhattacharya

                                            M: 9046144202

                                           Email: [email protected]


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