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Women Empowerment at INO – Declaration of establishment of Women’s Forearm

In order to recognize the credibility of women in the domain of Yoga and Naturopathy, INO has declared to establish a woman’s forearmed looking forward to women empowerment.

President of INO, Shri Jaiprakash addressed to start a Women’s Cell at a Silence Sthali in Jhinjholi (Haryana) during an ongoing management training program of three days, on February 28, 2016. The Ministry of Health in Haryana has given presidentship of the Women’s Cell to Ayush Director, Dr. Sangeeta Nehra.

Dr. Sangeeta Nehra would indulge her expertise in the further propagation of yoga and naturopathy, along the lines of INO, where she would devote a majority of her time in the upliftment of Naturopathy and other noble causes. To completely do justice to her aforesaid duty, she has currently taken a break for three years from her position as an Ayush-Director. Born in Rohtak, Haryana, on December 13, 1968, Dr, Nehra has attained prolificity by graduating with studying Ayurveda, Yoga, Scriptures, Law and order, and also did her post graduation in other significant sciences.


Aim and Objective of Women’s Cell:

1. Propagating Yoga and Naturopathy alongside creating a national platform for women.

2. To develop stronger role for women following Yoga, Naturopathy and other social schemes so as to exhibit their credibility.

3. To encourage women towards betterment, and rewarding the ones with outstanding achievements in the field.

4. To hold seminars and conferences to encourage the use of Yoga and Naturopathy.

5. To empower the women working for the propagation of Yoga & Naturopathy, by encouraging them to gain prowess in other sectors of work as well.

6. To encourage self confidence and self motivation in women, in the district and national level by INO.

7. To reach out the benefits of Yoga and Naturopathy on the health of women, and how it serves as a cure to a lot of physical ailments common in women’s bodies.

8. To offer special training to women in the Beauty and Well regimes, so as to make them financially independent.

9. To offer permanent jobs to women who excel in working for the upliftment of Yoga and Naturopathy.

10. To aware women about their various strengths and weaknesses.

11. To instill self-respect, self-confidence and self-reliance in women by encouraging them.

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