Activities to be organized by INO & Surya Foundation on International Day of Yoga - 2018


Yoga, is one of the greatest gift from India to humanity, the world gave due recognition to Yoga when 177 out of 193 UN member states supported the idea of declaring 21st June as International  Day of Yoga. The ensuing Yoga Day will be observed worldwide on 21st June 2018. INO & Surya Foundation always has a strong dedication and devotion for the concept of Healthy India. We have set a target of imparting training and ensuring participation of 25 Lac people in various camps to be organized all over India, on the Yoga Day. In these camps, the participants will perform various Yogic Exercises as per approved protocol.

To   achieve the aforesaid target, INO has taken the following steps:

For overall supervision of activities, Six Zonal In Charge and Six Zonal Convener have been designated, the Zone wise details of such persons is as follows:

1.         South Zone (Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Puducherry, Andman Nikobar)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. Vinod Kashyap -  9953882605

·           Zonal Convener - Dr. Franklin Das -  8946014954

2.         North Zone – 1 (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. Navdeep Joshi – 9899651799

·           Zonal Convener - Dr. Naveen Singh – 9415628668

3.         North Zone – 2 (J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. Sanjay Rangra – 9811088475

·           Zonal Convener - Dr. Vandana Parmar – 9810705100

4.         Central Zone (Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. P. K. Suri – 9811006255

·           Zonal Convener - Dr. K. L. Rangwani – 9407254388

5.         West Zone (Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. Anant Biradar-9899792740

·           Zonal Convener - Dr. Sushant Pise-9890099611

6.         East Zone (Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, North East States)

·           Zonal Incharge - Dr. R. S. Dawas – 9811098160

·           Zonal Convener - Sh. Shashank Samal– 9937532486


In the field, District Coordinators are designated; the detailed guidelines for district coordinators are as follows:

Ø  Each District Coordinator will appoint 10 Yoga Teachers and will get their Bio-data duly completed as per format given.

Ø  He/she will have to arrange meeting of their Yoga teachers at a convenient place, to explain the IDY plan from 15-21 June, 2018.

Ø  He will be given Banners, T-shirt, Certificate, participant’s attendance sheet for distributing among the Yoga Teachers.

Ø  He will have to check the performance of Yoga Teacher appointed by him/her during 15-21 June, 2018.

Ø  He will have to submit attendance sheet received from Yoga Teachers to the state convener after 21st June, 2018.

Ø  He may contact/associate local NGO and may give their name on the banner as “supported or In-association with”.


Guidelines for Yoga Teachers are as follows.  

Ø  Each Yoga Teacher will get one Banner, one T-Shirt, one Certificate, and Yoga Protocol Video Link.

Ø  Each Yoga Teacher will train 500 participants-Yoga Sadhaks during 15-21 June,2018 as per Protocol of Yog-Asanas.

Ø  He/She can choose suitable time either in the morning or evening for Yoga session.

Ø  He/she can involve Yoga Institutions, Schools, Colleges, NGO's, Corporate sector, RWA and Para -military forces etc.

Ø  Every Yoga Teacher has maintain attendance in  a prescribed form of Yoga participants daily, and will have to submit complete data to the respective District Coordinators after 21st June,2018.

Ø  He/she may choose one place or different places for conducting Yoga session.

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