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On the occasion of historical Mahakumbh in Lord Shiva’s city Ujjain, One day seminar on Yoga & Naturopathy was organized on 20th  May, 2016 by INO-Madhya Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Naturopathy Association with the help of All world Gayatri Parivar. The programe was traditionally inaugurated by INO-Chairman, Shri Jaiprakash ji & Madhya Pradesh State Minister, Shri Pradeep Pandey.

On this occasion, INO-International President, Dr. Amrit Moonat,INO-National President, Dr. Anant Biradar, Vice President, Dr .Salila Tiwari, Joint General Secretary, Dr.Ramesh Tewani, INO-Madhya Bharat Zonal President, Dr. Jitender Pragya, KBSR-National Co-ordinator, Dr. K. L. Rangwani, Patron-Madhya Pradesh Naturopathy Association, Dr. Shanker Lal Patidaar, INO-Madhya Pradesh-President, Dr. Antim Jain, General Secretary, Dr. R. K. Sharma, INO-Co-ordinator, Dr. Manisha Thakur and were motivated through several other dignitaries. During the programe, emminent practitioners working in the field of Yoga & Naturopathy were honoured. Students of Indore & Ujjain exhibitted various Asans in Yoga. Inspite of scorching heat, 1500 people were present in the programe.

INO-President, Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Antim Jain and his team worked day & night to make this programe successful and made a nice arrangement of commuting for several representatives. The programe was successfully organized by INO-National executive member, Dr. Archana Jain.INO-Vice President, Dr.Salila Tiwari & Editor of “Nirogdham Magazine”, Dr.Ashok Pandey being honoured by Dr.Manisha Thakur & Dr.AnantBiradar.

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23rd Oct Training Programme (Management of Diabetes & Chickengunia)



Training Programme on 

Management of Diabetes & Chickengunia
through Naturopathy-Yog, Acupressure and Color Therapy

23rd October, 2016

Venue: 7/7, Govt. Residential Multy Storey Flats,
Peshwa Road (Near Birla Mandir), New Delhi

Organized by: International Naturopathy Organisation (Central Zone)

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2nd Oct.2016, Diabetes Camp-Naturopathy Day

On the occasion of NATUROPATHY DAY 2016, Greetings & Good wishes to all members of INO and Naturopathy community……Doctors,Students & well-wishers.

INO is the only NGO ,who has taken initiative to celebrate NATUROPATHY DAY in 2003.first Naturopathy day celebrated at Krishn datt Nature cure hospital,East of kailash,new delhi.the objective behind this celebration was to propagate n make awareness about system among the masses/society.

I’m very happy to inform all Naturopathy community that today INO is conducting NATUROPATHY DAY pgm in about 670 places in different parts of india through its members and with the help of CCRYN.

Thanks to CCRYN,Ministery of Ayush ,Govt of india for starting Diabetes Awareness pgm at National level on this auspicious occasion of Naturopathy day 2016. Under CCRYN on 2 Oct Diabeties Awareness through yog n naturopathy pgm is conducting in about 4500 places of india….It’s like INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA.

My BIG salute to our Prime Minister & Ayush Ministery

आज मुझे बहुत ख़ुशी है कि 2 अक्टूबर नेचुरोपैथी दिवस के उपलक्ष्य में देश भर योग नेचुरोपैथी पर कार्यक्रम होरहे है। ऐसा लग रहा है …. INO की 14 साल की तपस्या/ मेहनत सफल होरहा है ।
इस बात को कोई पॉजिटिव लेवे या नेगेटिव लेवे, हमे तो बहुत खुशी होरही है ! जब हमने 14 साल पूर्व INO ने पहला प्रकृतिक चिकित्सा दिवास मानाया ,कुछ लोगो ने इसका माजाक भी उडाये !
मुझे विश्वास है की rajsthan सारकार जैसे जल्द ही भारत सारकार भी प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा दिवस announce करेगी !

INO के संस्थापक श्री जयप्रकाश जी नेतृत्व में 14 वर्ष से आयोजित नेचुरोपैथी दिवस के पुराने यादे फोटो के माध्यम से आप सबके लिये है। अवश्य यह फोटो आप सब को प्रेरणा देगी,जो 14 वर्ष से नेचुरोपैथी दिवस कार्य में संलग्न है ।

ANANT Biradar

President INO

www .inosurya .com
ino .surya @gmail .com

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Seminar on ENT Care and INO Meeting-Daryaganj, New Delhi


Seminar on "ENT CARE" and "INO Meeting"

Speaker Dr. Mahendra Kumar Taneja MBBS , MS – (ENT)

Member SFC Central Council for Research in Yog-Naturopathy


18th Dec 2016


03:00pm to 05:00pm


Delhi Medical Association

Medical Association Road,

DaryaGanj, New Delhi-110002

Near by Hindi Park,

SBI bank (Nearest Metro Station-ITO)


For Details and Confirmation Please Contact:

Yudhister Paul – 9312249182

Dr. Navdeep Joshi-9899651799

Dr.Vinod Kashyap – 9953882605

Dr.Sanjay Rangra – 9811088475

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