Swami Vivekananda gave a call "Arise, awaken and stop not till the goal is reached." Inspired by this stirring call and fully conscious of his Corporate Social Responsibility Shri Jaiprakash conceived the idea of establishing Surya Foundation, a social NGO dedicated to nation building.

The internet marketing services central point of Surya Foundation is its training centre 'Sadhna Sthali' at Jhinjholi (Haryana), a village 35 km away from Delhi. The sprawling campus resembles the Gurukuls of yore, where moral education finds a key place in the curriculum of the young trainees. The Centre, equipped with numerous facilities, conducts training for all age groups. Various activities undertaken by Surya Foundation towards National development are given in the succeeding paragraphs.


It is important that our youth imbibe appropriate cultural values and develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Surya personality_developmentFoundation is engaged in development of youth who can work with commitment and a spirit of service to society and the country. To this end it is actively engaged in conducting Personality Development Camps for youth throughout the country. Over 40,000 youth participated in the 1200 such camps conducted this year. The number will grow in the coming years.

Remarkable professional seo services changes are witnessed in the behaviour, habits and performance in academics of the children who attend these camps. As a result Jhinjholi has become popular for its unique methodology of training. The months from April to June brim with the activities of the participants of the Personality Development Camps. Children unsecured loans with bad credit learn to develop their personality, leadership qualities and character through a variety of training sessions, games, public speaking sessions, 'fauji' training, martial arts, health management, safety and so on. Yoga and Meditation also feature as part of the activities to make them healthy.

The seo company camp provides ample opportunity for the campers, by way of sessions from experts to develop their management skills and leadership qualities. They become more self confident at the end of the camp. Games and sports, competitions and cultural programmes are some of the other attractions of the camp which develop camaraderie and team spirit in addition.



The Surya Foundation Think Tanks have been established with a view to carrying out studies and research in areas of vital national interests. Comprising of eminent intellectuals, experts, retired bureaucrats, judges, legal experts, academicians and retired senior Defence officers they have been deliberating on pressing contemporary issues of national importance and forwarding recommendations to all concerned.



For India to develop, our villages need to be transformed  into ideal villages, which are prosperous and inhabited by healthy bal_vikas_meditation1and york hotels happy people. Surya Foundation has made a humble beginning by setting up 'Bal plaza hotel new york Vikas Kendras' in many villages in the country. These Kendras, as Coaching Centres, have been established in 15 States of the country and all of them are functioning in far flung and remote rural areas. They provide moral education, training in Yoga and meditation to the young schoolgoing children and dropouts, besides inculcating the spirit of patriotism in them. Over 1500 Coaching Centres are functioning across the country, benefitting over 40000 young children. The number is growing  and it is planned to raise the number of Coaching Centres to 2500 in the coming year.



Mahatma Gandhi had a dream of taking Naturopathy to each and every village of this country. herbsIt is a simple, inexpensive and yet very effective system of treatment. Surya Foundation has undertaken a mission, promoting Naturopathy. International Naturopathy Organisation (INO), established by Surya Foundation  to propagate it organises Naturopathy and Health Awareness Camps and conducts regular seminars on Nature cure and Management Training Programmes for doctors of Naturopathy.



Young interest calculator loan school going children, carrying a heavy load of books to their schools is a common sight. Even primary school children are not spared this burden. Surya Foundation, with active support of eminent Educationists, has embarked on a project of producing books for primary school children based on the principle of 'One Class-One Book'. These books are becoming very popular in many parts of the country.


The search engine optimization Surya Scholarship Scheme launched by Surya Foundation is another unique feature of its commitment to youthCap_photo development. Under this scheme applications are invited from students, both boys and girls, who have appeared for the final exams of classes 9th to 12th / first / second year examination of the Graduation course and secured 60 percent marks in the preceding year. Candidates are shortlisted, and thereafter the shortlisted candidates undergo a 20 day Personality Development Camp for which no charges are levied. Suitable candidates on termination of the camp are given scholarships upto  Rs. 6000/- a year.