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Naturopathy Day 2018


Important notice to all INO Naturopathy day Coordinators/State Conveners .

1] For sending Naturopathy day report as world record of 18 November ,Plz click below link

2] For sending mass mudbath report as world record of 11 November, Plz click below link


●As you know, shortly we are going to submit NATUROPATHY DAY report (in book shape) to Ministery of Ayush,PMO & Asia book of world record shortly.

●All NATUROPATHY DAY Coordinators/Conveners or Non INO members are requested to plz send Naturopathy day report immediately.

●Mudbath (11 Nov) all participants will get certificate by world record office through INO but only coordinators will get certificate for NATUROPATHY Day programme on 18 November

If you need any technical support / help plz contact INO central office.

● without sending report nobody will get certificate of world record.

Request from ANANT BIRADAR National President INO Member Standing Finance committee CCRYN Governing body Member of the NIN 
Ministery of Ayush Govt of india

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